How often do I need to get my haircut?

Average time between haircuts to maintain your current style would be four weeks to six weeks. Reason being once the hair grows a 1/2 inch or more, it starts to loose the shape cut into the style.

I want to get a perm and a color. How long should I wait between services and which one should be done first?

It is possible they could be performed on the same day, or from three days to a week apart. Perms should be done first if you are doing them closely together (within a few weeks). Average time in between perms can be anywhere from 3 months to 6 or more, depending on your hair style. Time in between hair colors could anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks up to 8 weeks at the most. This really depends on your tolerance for "roots", 1/4 of an inch can show up in 3 three weeks, in 8 weeks, you could have 1 1/2 inches or more.

Is there a difference between store brand and professional products?

Yes; you will find better performance, higher quality ingredients, higher concentration of the product (less water) and a better price per ounce or usage with the professional products. We find that most drug store brands "coat" the hair with a buildup that really affects your drying time! And eventually, will even prevent needed moisture absorption to your hair. Most professional products are formulated for targeted specific hair needs, so they really do need professional recommendation. You may buy something in the stores that will not work well with your hair, even if it is being sold as a "professional" product.

My hair looks great when I leave the salon, why can't I get it to look like that at home?

Your stylist can show you how to style it at home. We use specific styling products to achieve your look. Be sure to take home the recommended products so you can duplicate it.

Should I wash my hair before having my hair color done?

If your hair is very oily or has a lot of products on it, then you can wash it. Otherwise washing or not washing will not affect how the hair color will turn out. Sometimes shampooing right before hair coloring, especially during hot summer months may make the skin sting slightly if you do a single process. If you have an event you are going to within a day or two of your color and you do a single process do not wash your hair. The less oil you have on your skin, the more you will have a tendency to stain, even if your colorist is very careful about cleaning your hairline. Oil in your skin helps to protect against staining.

What are highlights & lowlights?

They give hair special effects by weaving, slicing, or ribboning multi-dimensional colors throughout the hair and can last up to 4 months. This process takes approximately two hours to apply.

What if I am a new client and want to try a few different stylists before deciding on one?

We are proud of our team of stylists. We urge you to experience different members of our team to find the person that best suits your personal preferences and schedule. Our front desk coordinators can make suggestions and provide information on each highly experienced salon professional on our staff.

What is a glaze?

A translucent color gloss that richens natural hair color while putting a protective shine on hair. It can last up to 5 weeks.

What is a tint?

Permanently lightens, darkens, and changes natural hair color: lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the best way to communicate your styling and coloring preferences?

Pictures are still the best way to communicate your thoughts about changes in hair color, cut, or texture. For example, there are so many different shades of blonde that without a picture, you are relying on the professional's judgment to achieve your desired result. A picture removes the stress and guesswork from your salon experience.

What is the difference between a cap hi-light and foiling?

Caps have hair pulled through at random, typically using only one color to hi-light. This should only be used with shoulder length or less hair. Foiling is more precise, weaving hair exactly where and how much. Several colors can be used easily with foiling. A more natural effect will be achieved with foils also allowing more time between touch-ups since the color can be applied more closely towards the scalp. Foils are used with "Blocking" color, "chunking" and dimensional hair coloring.

What is the difference between a razor and a scissor cut?

A scissor cuts the hair very bluntly for a very defined line, as in the classic "bob cut". It also provides a heavy volume line if desired. A razor cutting tool will provide a very "textured", tapered line resulting in slightly different lengths in the hair ends. This can also provide fullness, but with a much lighter, softer, airy feel and look to the resulting hairline. Soft, airy texture can also be put into the hair with scissors using specialized techniques used by your stylist.

What questions should I ask to address my styling expectations?

Our stylists appreciate an upfront discussion at the time of your cut or color reservation so that you are completely comfortable with your experience here. During the consultation, which always precedes a cut or coloring, please feel free to speak about your concerns: How often do I need to have my hair cut or colored to maintain this appearance? How much time and money is involved? What are the best ways to recreate this look at home? What products work the best for my hair?

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