“A great place to get a real haircut! This salon IS a warm, relaxing and welcoming place. It's homey unlike other salons/spas with their gimmicky/sterile, franchise/corporate, looks/experience. But let's get back to what really matters here: hair. My wife came here first, followed later by our daughters, and then finally myself coming after years of traditional barbershop haircuts. My wife sticks to her preferred stylist but I have had my haircut by pretty much all of the stylists at MRS and I have liked them all. They know how to give you a near-perfect hairstyle, but not bore you with the details of their professional knowledge. They are warm and personable, always interested in you as well as taking care of your hair. Anyone in the area needing their hair done should give them at least one try to find out for themselves how much they are well worth it!”

“It's always challenging to find the right fit when it's time for a hair cut, style or color. Fortunately, I found the perfect fit years ago at Matthew Robert Salon. The stylists are top of the line. Every single one of them. They stay current with regular continuing education and training. The owner, Matt, does an exceptional job with my hair. His passion for getting things just right is a joy to behold. His commitment to his customers and to growing his business is very refreshing. I've recommended this salon to many over the years, and I highly recommend it to you. This salon is a gem!”

"I have been going here for thirteen years, and until I became a customer, I actually didn't know it was possible to have an actual Master's degree in cutting and coloring. The owner, Matt, actually does. Believe, me, it shows when your stylists are both well-educated and talented...and you want someone who knows how to do corrective color as well as your normal run-of-the mill color. I began going here to undo a nightmarish cut and color, paranoid that another color job would break or damage my hair so soon after having been fried...but somehow, my color always ends up rich and silky. How they do it, I don't know. But I keep driving an hour and a half each way every six weeks because I can't beat their experience, prices, or the thirteen-year run of no complaints. How many people stay that long with a salon?"

“Just had another great haircut. Going to the Matthew Robert Salon is always a highlight of a month. I love everything about this place; friendly and professional hairdressers and staff, great atmosphere and warm reception.”

"This is the best salon I have ever been to, and I will be a loyal customer for life. The whole staff is fantastic. I get my hair done by Matt, the second generation owner. He is an artist, and loves hair. He really listens to what you want, your concerns, and recommends something that will fit your style and your life. I have never gotten a bad haircut here, and I used to hate getting my hair cut. Since finding this salon I've done everything from color to short with bangs, to grown halfway down my back. I trust Matt to always do something that elicits great compliments."

"I've even got my husband coming here now, and they went so far as to special order blue hair dye to fulfill his whimsy of having SHOCKING BLUE hair. This place is a gem."

“Its a family owned place. I got a great haircut and recommended it to my aunt who also goes there now as well. The first time i went there the owner came to me and shook my hand. You don't see that now a days. Go there you wont regret it.”

“The best haircuts in WA state - I really love this place for the quality of their work. I've got my best haircuts there, and I have done my hair in all of the best places around the Northwest. Highly qualified stylists, very friendly service and I always get the most compliments when I go to this salon. I recomend them to everyone, and all of my friends have the best haircuts and color. Thank you Matthew Roberts!”

“Most welcoming salon experance, my family loves it!!! I was happy to find a place in city search where I could talk about the places and things I enjoy. My hair salon is one of those places. Our whole family goes there. It is a place that makes you feel special from the moment you walk in the door. My wife and I always look foward to our monthly visit. (PS-they do great hair too!!!)”

“I have been coming to this Matthew Robert for MANY years and just love it! They do such great work and I always leave feeling wonderful! There is also such a warm atmosphere Its like dropping by to catch up with family. Love you all!”

“I love going to the Matthew Robert salon to get beautified! I always feel great when I leave. All the staff members are great and they truly care about what they do. Very warm and inviting place. Give it a try and they will make your day and your hair great too!”